Adult Classes

Adult Beginner Classes

Our Adult classes give you the opportunity to learn the technique of the art form, as well as facilitate a deeper knowledge of the mechanics of dance, explore what inspires us as individuals and encourage a healthy focus in dance (and life). As adults we carry not only the daily stress of our lives but also insecurities. Our classes provide a casual, enjoyable and safe place for adult students to explore their physical and cognitive abilities through dance. We have jazz, ballet, tap and Body Conditioning classes available.

Adult Jazz Dance classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards

2020 Adult Beginner Dance Timetable

7.00-7.45pm – Tap
7.45-9.00pm – Ballet/Jazz

11.00-11.45am – Tap

10.30-11.30am – Ballet/Jazz

8.30-9.30am – Active Core

Adult Dance classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards

Ballet / Jazz

These classes are an introduction to Classical Ballet and Jazz for those that have a desire to start dancing as an adult or continue their training from their earlier years!

We work at the barre with some Ballet then work our way into the centre with some Jazz cornerwork and a dance which can be of either style!

These classes are fun and challenging and help you to build core strength, memory function, strength and flexibility.

Adult Dance classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards


Our tap classes start with the most basic elements: rhythm and making sound. The feet become the instruments!  We combine simple steps into combinations, then work on more complex combinations which move into dances. It’s a great style that anybody at any level can learn!

Adult Dance classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards

Active Core

A flowing fusion on Pilates, Yoga, Dance Specific exercises, Imagery and Meditation to help you connect Mind to Body. We pride ourselves on creating a safe place for you to learn and explore. These classes are the perfect foundation to build body awareness, technique and tone. It is suitable for all levels of experience and you can work at your own pace. All you need to bring is yourself, some comfortable clothing you can move freely in and a water bottle. (Yoga mats optional)