Children's Ballet classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards

VET Dance

VET Dance – Certificates II, III and IV

Parkwood Dance Academy (PDA) is partnering with EMPOWERDANCE PTY LTD (RTO CODE 40397) to deliver CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance and CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance courses.
VET offers students the opportunity to maximise future employment and career pathways; combining theory (provided by Empowerdance) with practical learning at PDA and subsequently linking the students achievements to their academic institutions.
The aim of the Certificate course is to provide young people with the technical and performance skills, knowledge, and attitudes to begin the process of establishing a career in dance education and the entertainment and performing arts industries. The skills learnt can be applied to every-day fitness and co-ordination, further training in dance and performance. It provides a deeper appreciation for dance including the technique of dance steps, performance, staging, costuming and more.
The courses cover key elements of dance practice including health and safety standards, nutrition, body science and history that are essential for the dancers of today.
Certificate II can be studied as a prerequisite for Certificate III. Certificate III may be counted in block credits toward a student’s ATAR.
A Certificate and a Statement of Attainment listing all units of successful competencies are issued upon completion.
Partnering with:Empowerdance Pty Ltd RTO 40397
Children's Ballet classes at Parkwood Dance Academy, Park Orchards